Big Brother 2023 First Contestant Jenkin and How he selected for show

Big Brother 2023, Jenkin is the first contestant selected from 18,000 people applied. He is a barman from Bridgend who is fluent in Welsh. The 25 year old Big Brother first contestant says that his family & friends would describe him as “loud and messy and irritating”.

The ITV UK started Big Brother reality show on October 8, 2023 after a five year break. About 16 contestant selected for this reality show. Contestant in a whole new house of Big Brother will battle it out over the next six weeks in a bid to win £100,000. Here will update the each contestant tasks, nominations & evictions.

Big Brother 2023 Jenkin

Big Brother 2023 Jenkin

The first contestant of Big brother 2023 is Jenkin. As his name announced, he screamed… a lot. “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Why is it so big?” And he ran around the house to express his feeling on being selected in show.

He said: “Just taking about people, I’m not gonna lie. I can’t keep secrets, I really struggle”. Moreover, when inquired about his most anticipated aspect, Jenkin said: “I think meeting new people, I’m looking forward to it but I’m also dreaming it as well because I’m like, ‘Oh, how is this gonna go… ‘ but it will be fine. “

How did Jenkin selected for Big Brother?

He applied for the show and selected. Jenkin said to the media “I was bored and I thought I’d do something different, give it a whirl.”

Jenkin selected as one of the 16 contestant in Big Brother 2023 house as he has answered all the questions on the application form and answered all other questions fully, honestly and accurately and not mislead the selectors.

Who is Jenkin?

Jenkin is the first Big Brother 2023 show contestant. He is from Bridgend. He is 25 years old dong Barman Job in their localities.

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