Bihar Board 10th English Chapter 6 Objective Question Answer 2022. Students can check below Chapter wise English objective Question with Answer. In this post Students can see VVI Objective Question of English Chapter 6. Class 10th (Matric) English Chapter wise very important objective question answer. Students can check here fill in the blanks, multiple choice and correct spelling objective question (1 Mark) Each.

01God Made The Country
02Ode On Solitude
03Polythene Bag
04Thinner Than A Crescent
05The Empty Heart
07The Sleeping Porter

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Bihar Board 10th English Chapter 6 objective Question Answer 2022

Ques1. How does the ‘Koel’ feel.

  1. Satisfied
  2. Happy
  3. Restless
  4. Peaceful

Ans:- 3) Restless

Ques2. The ……. has charred my wings.

  1. Flaming soul
  2. Rain of sparks
  3. Sight of mango-blossoms
  4. Fire of love

Ans:- 4) Fire of love

Ques3. The Koel is full of dissatisfaction because its….. is not with her.

  1. Lover
  2. Sister
  3. Mother
  4. Father

Ans:- 1) Lover

Ques4. The Koel sings in the…… .

  1. Apples-leaves
  2. Banana-leaves
  3. Mango-leaves
  4. Guava-leaves

Ans:- 3) Mango-leaves

Ques5. The Koel is called the black …….. .

  1. Squirrel
  2. Cat
  3. Duck
  4. Cuckoo

Ans:- 4) Cuckoo

Ques6. The Koel symbolises true …….. .

  1. Friendship
  2. Love
  3. Happiness
  4. Satisfaction

Ans:- 2) Love

Ques7. The Koel is….. because it is waiting eagerly to meet its beloved or lover.

  1. Happy
  2. Satisfied
  3. Confused
  4. Restless

Ans:- 4) Restless

Ques8. The Koel asks the…… not to be motionless and tell it where its beloved is.

  1. Town
  2. Trees
  3. Flowers
  4. Leaves

Ans:- 4) Leaves

Ques9. The poet asks the ‘Koel’ what has ….. her.

  1. Hurt
  2. Forgotten
  3. Told
  4. Longings

Ans:- 1) Hurt

Ques10. The high pitched strains of the ‘Koel’ wakes in the poet soul a thousand……. .

  1. Dreams
  2. Desires
  3. Memories
  4. Longings

Ans:- 3) Memories

Ques11. The garden that burns the heart of ‘Koel’ is-

  1. Green
  2. Thin
  3. Dense
  4. Thick

Ans:- 1) Green

Ques12. The……. of the koel has been charred by the fire of love.

  1. Legs
  2. Beak
  3. Wings
  4. Eyes

Ans:- 3) Wings

Ques13. Where is the ‘Koel’ hidden?

  1. Mango leaves
  2. Banana leaves
  3. Apple leaves
  4. Guava leaves

Ans:- 3) Apple leaves

Ques14. What fires the ‘Koel’?

  1. The sight of river
  2. The sight of mango-blossoms
  3. The fire of love
  4. Rain of sparks

Ans:- 2) The sight of mango-blossoms

Ques15. What a rain of sparks art thou ‘O little’…….. ?

  1. Bird
  2. Boy
  3. Girl
  4. Lord

Ans:- 1) Bird

Ques16. What is the meaning of ‘Thy’ in the poem?

  1. Those
  2. Yours
  3. These
  4. Our

Ans:- 2) Yours

Ques17. Who is the flaming soul looking for?

  1. Husband
  2. Friend
  3. Mother
  4. Beloved

Ans:- 4) Beloved

Ques18. Who has composed the poem ‘Koel’?

  1. William Cowper
  2. Alexander Pope
  3. Puran Singh
  4. Walter de la mare

Ans:- 3) Puran Singh

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