Bihar Board 10th English Chapter 7 Objective Question Answer 2022. Students can check below Chapter wise English objective Question with Answer. In this post Students can check see VVI Objective Question with Answer. In this post Students can check here fill in the blanks, multiple choice and correct spelling objective question (1 Mark) Each.

01God Made The Country
02Ode On Solitude
03Polythene Bag
04Thinner Than A Crescent
05The Empty Heart
07The Sleeping Porter

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Bihar Board 10th English Chapter 7 objective Question Answer 2022

Ques1. ‘Like a bird / his heart is twittering’ is form-

  1. Koel
  2. Martha
  3. The Sleeping Porter
  4. The Polythene Bag

Ans:- 3) The Sleeping Porter

Ques2. In the poem ‘The Sleeping Porter’, the porter’s heart was twittering like a……. .

  1. Squirrel
  2. Bird
  3. Monkey
  4. Koel

Ans:- 2) Bird

Ques3. In the last line, the reader finds the porter …… over the rich kingdom of sleep.

  1. Reigning
  2. Weeping
  3. Searching
  4. Thinking

Ans:- 1) Reigning

Ques4. At the end of poem, the porter is in deep….. .

  1. Wake
  2. Slumber
  3. Consciousness
  4. Feeling

Ans:- 2) Slumber

Ques5. As a result of very hard work, the porter’s….. beat fast.

  1. Nerves
  2. Muscles
  3. Pulse
  4. Heart

Ans:- 4) Heart

Ques6. Porter’s mind is….. .

  1. Intelligent
  2. Dull
  3. Genius
  4. Clever

Ans:- 2) Dull

Ques7. The porter’s cap is….. and sweet-stained.

  1. Clean
  2. Dirty
  3. Soft
  4. Silky

Ans:- 2) Dirty

Ques8. The porter was going up a……. .

  1. Road
  2. Lane
  3. Cliff
  4. Platform

Ans:- 3) Cliff

Ques9. The porter enjoys a good and peaceful…. .

  1. Sleep
  2. Walk
  3. Journey
  4. Laugh

Ans:- 1) Sleep

Ques10. The porter is out of-

  1. Courage
  2. Breath
  3. Money
  4. Energy

Ans:- 2) Breath

Ques11. Laxmi Prasad Devkota is a renowned….. and story writer.

  1. Poet
  2. Novelist
  3. Dramalist
  4. Artist

Ans:- 1) Poet

Ques12. Laxmi Prasad Devkota obtained degree for BA form ………

  1. Magadh
  2. Patna
  3. Delhi
  4. Kolkata

Ans:- 2) Patna

Ques13. Whom was the porter challenging?

  1. Stars
  2. Tree
  3. Mountains
  4. Sea

Ans:- 3) Mountains

Ques14. Where is a hut?

  1. In a Tree
  2. In a forest
  3. On the roof
  4. On the cliff

Ans:- 4) On the cliff

Ques15. Where was Laxmi Prasad Devkota born?

  1. Mumbai
  2. Patna
  3. Kathmandu
  4. Kolkata

Ans:- 3) Kathmandu

Ques16. What is the colour of porter’s cap?

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Black
  4. Blue

Ans:- 3) Black

Ques17. What is weight of the load on the back of the porter?

  1. Twenty kilo
  2. Twenty five kilo
  3. Twenty two kilo
  4. Twenty one kilo

Ans:- 2) Twenty five kilo

Ques18. What covers the mountain roads?

  1. Snow
  2. Flowers
  3. Leaves
  4. Fruits

Ans:- 1) Snow

Ques19. What distance does the porter cover in the snows of winter?

  1. Two miles
  2. Five miles
  3. Three miles
  4. Six miles

Ans:- 4) Six miles

Ques20. Who is the hero of the mountain?

  1. Porter
  2. Milkman
  3. Carpenter
  4. Watchman

Ans:- 1) Porter

Ques21. Who has composed the poem ‘The Sleeping Porter’?

  1. Laxmi Prasad Devkota
  2. Vidyapati
  3. Puran Singh
  4. Alexander Pope

Ans:- 1) Laxmi Prasad Devkota

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