Bihar Board 10th English objective Question Answer 2022 Chapter 4. Students can check below Chapter wise English objective Question with Answer. In this post Students can see VVI Objective Question of English Chapter4. Class 10th (Matric) English Chapter wise very important objective question answer. Students can check here fill in the blanks, multiple choice and correct spelling objective question (1 Mark each).

01The Pace for Living
02Me and the Ecology Bit
04What is wrong with Indian Films
05Acceptance Speech
06Once Upon a Time
07The Unity of Indian Culture
08Little Girl Wiser than Man.

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Bihar Board 10th English Objective Question Answer 2022 Chapter 4

Ques1. Film production in India is quantitatively …….. only to Hollywood.

  1. Second
  2. Fifth
  3. Third
  4. Fourth

Ans:-1) Second

Ques2. By the ……… , Indian Film had reached the status of big business.

  1. Firth
  2. Thirteenth
  3. Twenties
  4. Nineteenth

Ans:-3) Twenties

Ques3. According to the essay to the essay ‘What is Wrong with Indian Films’,which of the following statements is false?

  1. The Indian music is largely improvisational.
  2. The Film Production in India is quantitatively second only to Hollywood.
  3. The Cinema Commands the respect accorded to any other form of creative expression.
  4. The Cinema does not combine the cold logic of Science.

Ans:- 4) The Cinema does not combine the cold logic of Science.

Ques4.After all we do possess primary tools of …….. .

  1. Writing
  2. Acting
  3. Film-making
  4. Composing

Ans:- 3) Film-making

Ques5. An Indian film should steer clear of-

  1. Anbiguity
  2. Inconsistencies
  3. Controversies
  4. Music

Ans:-2) Inconsistencies

Ques6. In which of the following international film festival satyajit Ray received award?

  1. Venice
  2. Cannes
  3. Berlin
  4. All of these

Ans:-4) All of these

Ques7. India offers a potential market for his own …….. .

  1. Products
  2. Sports
  3. Film
  4. Cinema

Ans:-1) Products

Ques8. In the essay, Satyajit Ray Compares Indian films with …… films.

  1. Sri Lankan
  2. Nepali
  3. Western
  4. Korean

Ans:-3) Western

Ques9. In which year the first feature film was performed?

  1. 1913
  2. 1914
  3. 1916
  4. 1918

Ans:-1) 1913

Ques10. The raw material of cinema is ….. it self.

  1. Light
  2. Life
  3. Camera
  4. Sound

Ans:- 2) Life

Ques11. The …… of our films are repiete with ‘visual-dissonances’.

  1. Secondary
  2. Majority
  3. Minority
  4. Individual

Ans:-2) Majority

Ques12. The first short film are was produced in ……. .

  1. 1907
  2. 1914
  3. 1904
  4. 1920

Ans:-1) 1907

Ques13. The Cinema ……. in various measures the function of poetry, music, painting, drama, architecture and a host of other arts, major and minor.

  1. Combines
  2. Destroys
  3. deletes
  4. Rescues


Ques14.Who has written the essay ‘ what is wrong with Indian Films?

  1. R.C. Hutchinson
  2. Joan Lexau
  3. Satyajit Ray
  4. Aung San Suu Kyi

Ans:-3) Satyajit Ray

Ques15.Which is the most potent and Versatile art form?

  1. Cinema
  2. Music
  3. Chess
  4. Cricket

Ans:-1) Cinema

Ques16. Which of the following university conferred on Satyajit Ray an honorary doctrate degree?

  1. Cambridge
  2. Patna
  3. J N U
  4. Oxford

Ans:-4) Oxford

Ques17. Which of the following was not produced by Satyajit Ray?

  1. Pather Panchali
  2. Aparajit
  3. Shatranj ke Khilari
  4. Slumdog millionaire

Ans:-4) Slumdog

Ques18. ‘What is wrong with films’ has taken from his book …… .

  1. Our films, their films
  2. Indian Cinema
  3. My thought
  4. None of these

Ans:-1) Our films, their films

Ques19. What does the technician blame?

  1. Music
  2. Action
  3. Tools
  4. Story

Ans:-3) Tools

Ques20. What our Cinema needs about everything else is a style, an idiom, a sort …… of Cinema which would be uniquely and recognisably Indian.

  1. Finance
  2. Studio
  3. Committee
  4. Iconography

Ans:-4) Iconography

Ques21. Satyajit Ray earned international Recognition for his talent in ……… .

  1. Playing Cricket
  2. Film- making and direction
  3. Composing poetry
  4. Acting

Ans:- 2) Film- making and direction

Ques22. Satyajit Ray was a well known …… of India.

  1. Doctor
  2. Cricketer
  3. TV Actor
  4. Film Director

Ans:- 4) Film Director

Ques23. Satyajit Ray is the writer of –

  1. What is wrong with Indian Films
  2. What is wrong with Indian Festivals
  3. What is wrong with Indian Foods
  4. What is wrong with Indian Books

Ans:-1) What is wrong with Indian Films

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