Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has changed the Class 12th English Core Subjects Examination Pattern for annual board examination 2019. CBSE 12th Exam 2019 English Core subjects Section A has been changed by the Board and published the official notification of CBSE official Website.

Board has changed English Core Section – A (Reading) question paper for the session 2018-19. There will be total no of 35 questions in one question paper rather than 40 questions.

CBSE 12th Exam 2019 English Core Subject Passages Words Length

CBSE 12th Exam 2019 English Core (301) Section A (Reading) for the exam of the session 2018-19 have changed the Passage pattern. Students have to write 2 passages in 800 words to 900 words. Earlier students have to write one passage in 1100 words to 1200 words and other passage was written in 400 words to 500 words.

Typology of questions of English Core (section A) Class XII

Passage 1 of English Core section A will have 5 Multiple choice questions with 1 mark each. 9 questions with vary short answer type including 3 questions on vocabulary for 1 mark each and 3 questions of short answer tpe of 2 marks each.

Passage 2 of English Core section A will have 2 long answer typw of 5 marks each.

There are total no of  19 questions in in Section A of English Core of 30 marks. A Total No of questions in English Core Question Paper is 35.

Marking Scheme of English Core  Class – XII for session 2018-19

Class XII English Core (301) for session 2018-19 marking scheme is as follows,

  • Time Allowed for English Core Exam 2019 – 3 Hours
  • Maximum Marks of English Core (301) – 100 Marks.
  • Section A (Reading) of English Core will have 19 questions of 30 Marks.
  • Section B (Advanced Writing Skills) of English Core Subject will have 4 questions of 30 Marks.
  • Section C (Literature : Text Books and Long Reading Text) will have 12 questions of 40 Marks.

Click Here For Notification regarding changes in Question Paper for English-Core, Class-XII for the session 2018-19.

Click Here for Sample Question Paper for English Core (301) of class 12th.

Click Here for Marking Scheme of English Core (301) of Class 12th.

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