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Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) has implemented the new pattern of examination in class 10th Board exam in 2018. Students have to face new pattern of questions paper in CBSE 10th Board Exam 2018. Students appearing in CBSE 10th Board Exam 2018 , they have to pass both theory and practical (Internal Assessment).

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2018 Pattern

Central Board of Secondary Education will implement the new pattern of 10th Board examination 2018 . Students have to pass the Internal assessment along with theory paper. Internal Assessment will be done on the other school. The marks of Internal assessment will be of 20 marks. and theory paper of 80 marks. In theory paper 12 marks will be of Practical marks.

  • Theory Paper – 80 Marks (12 Marks of Practical Based questions)
  • Internal assessment marks – 20 Marks

CBSE 10th Board Social Science Question Pattern 2018

In CBSE 10th Board Exam 2018 , there will be 28 questions in a set of Social Science question paper. Objective questions no will be 7 in the question paper.

  • No of Objective Questions (1 Marks Each) – 9
  • 3 Marks questions No – 12
  • 5 Marks questions no – 7

CBSE 10th Board Science Question Pattern 2018

According to new pattern of CBSE 10th Board Exam 2018 , science paper will have 27 questions in one set of Science question paper.

  • 1 marks questions no – 2
  • 2 marks questions no – 9
  • 3 marks questions no – 10
  • 5 marks questions no – 6
  • Practical questions in Science Paper of 2 marks each – 6 questios


CBSE 10th Board Mathematics Question Pattern 2018

Mathematics question paper of CBSE 10th Board Exam 2018 will be have 30 questions in 4 sections (A,B,C & D).

  • A Section of Mathematics questions paper will have 6 questions of 1 marks each
  • Section B will have 6 questions of  2 marks each.
  • Section C will have 10 questions of 3 marks each.
  • Section D will have 8 questions of 4 marks each.

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