JAC 11th Objective Question 2020: Jharkhand Academic Council has released the Model Question paper for class 11th Annual board examination 2020 on the official website. The Jharkhand Board will conduct the annual board examination 2020 from 5th March 2020 to 7th March 2020 on the exam centres.

In the Annual Board examination, the examination controller will provide the question papers and OMR sheets to the students. Arts, Science & Commerce stream students will appear in five subjects in three papers.

Latest Update: JAC 11th Exam 2020 will start from 5th March 2020 on the exam centres.

JAC 11th Objective Question 2020

Jharkhand Board 11th Objective question 2020 of Science stream given below. Students can practice the objective question for more marks. In each subject of class 11th there are 40 Objective questions (1 Marks each).

In theory paper, each subject has 40 marks and 10 marks in Internal Assessment.

Jharkhand Board 11th Board Exam 2020

Jharkhand Academic Council will conduct the annual board examination from 5th March 2020 for Arts, Science & Commerce stream students. All subjects (IA, ISc & ICom) will have Multiple Choice Questions.

Each Subject has 40 objective questions. IA, ISc & Icom Students have to appear in three papers.

Jharkhand Board Class 11th Exam Date Sheet 2020

General Instructions for Class-XIth Exam 2020

  • Write your Name, Roll Code, Roll No., Registration No., Date of Exam, Sitting, Faculty & Name of the Subject on the OMR Answer Sheet in the space provided. Put your full signature on the OMR Answer Sheet in the space provided.
  • There are 40 Multiple Choice Questions in all.
  • All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 1 Mark.
  • Four options are given for each question. Choose the most suitable option and indicate it by blackening the appropriate circle in the OMR Answer Sheet given separately. Use only Blue/Black Ball-Point Pen. The use of Pencil is not allowed.
  • Before leaving the examination hall hand over the OMR Answer Sheet to the invigilator. You are allowed to take the question paper with you.

JAC 11th Physics Objective Questions 2020

  1. The electromagnetic force is
    (a) attractive in nature (b) repulsive in nature
    (c) attractive as well as repulsive in nature (d) None of these

Ans. (c) attractive as well as repulsive in nature

2. 1 Fermi
(a) 10-15 mm (b) 10-15 cm (c) 10-14 m (d) 10-15 m

Ans. (d) 10-15 m

3. Parsec is the Unit of –
(a) Time (b) distance (c) Frequency (d) Speed

Ans. (d) Speed

4. 1 a.m.u =……..
(a) 1.66×10-24kg (b) 1.66×10-27kg (c) 1.66×10-25kg (d) 1.66×10-30kg

Ans. (b) 1.66×10-27kg

5. Dimensional formula for the pressure is –
(a) [ML-1T -2] (b) [ML T -2] (c) [ML-2T] (d) [M-1L-1T -2]

Ans. (a) [ML-1T -2]

6. If a man goes 10m towards north and 20m towards the east, then his displacement is
(a) 22.5 m (b) 25 m (c) 25.5 m (d) 30 m

Ans. (a) 22.5 m

7. A cyclist moving on a circular track of radius 40m complete half a revolution in 40 sec. Its average velocity is –
(a) Zero (b) 4 Π m s-1 (c) 2 m s-1 (d) 8 Π m s-1

Ans. (c) 2 m s-1

8. The motion of a particle is described by the equation X=at+bt2 where a= 15 cm S-1 and b=3 cm S-2, Its instantaneous velocity at t=3 sec will be
(a) 33 cm S-1 (b) 18 cmS-1 (c) 16 cm S-1 (d) 32 cm S-2

Ans. 33 cm S-1

9.The area under acceleration – time graph represents the
(a) initial Velocity (b) Final Velocity (c) Change in Velocity (d) Distance travelled

Ans. (d) Distance travelled

10. The relation between the time of flight of projectile Tf and the time to reach the maximum height Tm is
(a) Tf = 2Tm (b) Tf = Tm (c) Tf = Tm/2 (d) Tf = √2(Tm)

Ans. (a) Tf = 2Tm

Official Website of JAC – https://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/jac/

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